A List of the best iPad pornsites

Looking for the best pornsites for your iPad porn fix?

Not all pornsites are programmed to be viewed on an iPad. If you come across a pornsite not designed for the iPad you may encounter unplayable video, distorted page layouts and redirects to subpar mobile tours made for smartphones with small screens.

However because of the popularity of the iPad, more and more pornsites are offering iPad tours.

Check out this list of iPad pornsites at http://iPadPornsites.com.

ipad pornsites
See the iPad pornsites at http://iPadPornsites.com

For more mobile porn be sure to visit MobilePornFinder.com and also take a look at these mobile porn trailers.

The first pornsite for the iPad!

The first major pornsite optimized for the iPad was recently launched — it can be found at PinkvisualPad.com brought to you by Pink Visual.

Pinkvisual Pad is the first ipad pornsite launched by a major porn producer.

If you already have an iPad you will appreciate PinkvisualPad’s fine-tuned ipad-design… bigger thumbnail pictures, larger menu buttons and non-Flash videos that look grat on the ipad’s large screen.

This is the first of many ipad porn sites expected to be launched this year. iPad porn is predicted to be very popular as more people buy an iPad and more porn companies launched ipad pornsites.

And right now you can get access to the PinkvisualPad member’s area for only $1.00!

Ready to have your first iPad porn experience? Get your PinkvisualPad.com password here.

iPad porn will provide you with big screen portable porn

The more I think about it, the more I think the iPad will be a popular device because of its porn delivery capabilites.

iPhone porn has already proven to be popular and has helped mobile porn take off.

With iPad porn, you get the same sort of mobility as the iPhone but with a bigger screen. That means more enjoyment, more detail when watching iPad porn videos. Steve Jobs isn’t a fool – he knows that the iPad’s porn possibilities will help sales of the iPad.

ipad porn videos
Steve Jobs knows watching iPad porn videos will be popular on the iPad.

In fact many porn companies, including Digital Playground, have already announced their plans to provide their porn pictures and videos optimized for viewing on the iPad.

I am going to be buying an iPad and putting some porn on it as soon as they are available!

Welcome to the blog about iPad porn!

Apple announced the iPad tablet computer on January 27th 2010, and in the past couple of weeks the internet has been swamped with iPad related stories and discussions.

One thing for sure is that the iPad will be a great tool for your porn viewing needs. With its big 10 inch screen, extreme portability (take it with you to the washrooom!) and Wi-Fi access, its definitely a porn surfer’s dream.

ipad porn
iPad porn is going to be in big demand once the iPad is available for sale.

iPad pornsites and ipad porn movies are sure to follow. It’s unclear at this point if the .mp4 movie format will be the format of choice for the iPad – but we do know that the iPad uses the same operating system as the iphone so that means no Adobe Flash porn movies will play on it :-(

I assume that because of the iPad’s 10inch screen many pornsites will provide movies formatted especially for its larger screen rather than just viewing the same videos formatted for the ipod and iPhone.

Stay tuned to the iPadPornBlog.com as I will be blogging about the various iPad pornsites and iPad porn videos as they become available.

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